Производство медицинской упаковки для стерилизации
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For production of sterilization packages KLINIPAK we use only high-quality and clinically approved materials:

  • hardwearing water-proof kraft paper producing no microparticles when peeled off;
  • multi-layer ruptur-proof film specially created for splinter-free opening the pouch;
  • I class chemical indicators for any sterilization method: steam, gas (ethylene oxide, formaldehyde), hot-air and low-temperature peroxide plasma.

A great diversity of packages dimension-type

The impressively wide assortment of KLINIPAK packages allows to sterilize and protect against re-contamination literally any medical instruments and items being rotated in hospital. In addition, we are ready to make a customized package with unique sizes nd provide it with your logo, iamges and text on the paper base of poches and reels.

Long term sterility retention

According to laboratory and clinical test results KLINIPAK packages provide the term of enclosure sterility retention 5 years.

Reasonable prices

Sterilization packages KLINIPAK are manufactured in Russa which makes them attractively priced and competitive compared to import products.

Conformity to standards

Sterilization packages and packing systems KLINIPAK have Registration Certificate of the Russian Ministry of Health Care and Directions on Use developed by the Federal Disinfectology Research Institute.

Easy disposal

Used packages can be easily utilized by any allowed method, also by means of incineration.

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