Производство медицинской упаковки для стерилизации
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A most important factor preventing spread of nosocomial infections is the protection of sterile instruments and materials against re-contamination. Duch protection is possible if using reliable packaging systems and packing materials.

The company KLINIPAK offers a complete range of medical sterilization packages that not only meet both, up-to-date national (GOST-ISO 11607-2011) and international (EN 868) standards, but also exceed their requirements. The quality management system is extended to ready products as well as raw materials for the purpose to ensure our products additional security and quality.

Thereby, sterilization packages KLINIPAK are Russian products that match world-wide top analogs. A great diversity of standard dimension-type articles makes it possible to find a product that meets customer's needs optimally. Moreover, thanks to our state-of-srt production facilities we are able to manufacture any type of package with individual sizes in case your requirements do not match our batch offer.

The superior quality of sterilization packing systems KLINIPAK has been highly appreciated by numerous hospitals in Moscow and country-wide.

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